Born of a passion for all things cheesy and creamy, That’s What Cheese Said is a food truck based in beautiful Lynn Haven, Florida. Surrounded by a community who loves food trucks in general, and seeks out culinary excellence, we strive to provide menu items that span the distance between comfort food and straight-up experiments in flavor!

Life is too short and precious to eat boring foods and drink cheap beer! One of our foundational beliefs in this rig, is that a grilled cheese sandwich should be a delivery mechanism for the flavors you stuff it with! Not that it can’t be just cheese inside, especially when it is a a blend of high quality and complex cheeses; we just love experimenting with flavors and textures in all we do!

Most of your favorite food trucks in the area already use this app for updating hungry folks about their daily locations! Make sure you “Favorite” us when you install the app, and you’ll get notifications whenever we update our location! 

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